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Squats Introduction:

The squat is a simple lower body exercise used by most bodybuilders. The main concentration of the squat is the quads and glutes, but sub-muscle groups such as hamstrings, lower back and calves also get involved in the exercise. The squat is god when it comes to training, as it has been scientifically proven to increate HGH secretion in the body; thereby, it increases muscle growth faster then any other exercise.
Directions on Performing the Squat:

*Feet should be flat on the floor
*Distribute your weight evenly between heel and toe
*Perform the squat exercise by bending your legs at the knees, as you bend your hips
*Lower your torso until it is between your legs
*Then reverse direction and stand up without leaning forward
Squats and Safety:

The squats have to be performed with a degree of caution and safety. Proper technique is critical to doing the squat right, or you could wind up seriously injured. Your back MUST have it's natural bend as you go down never "rout out," bend our back outwards. Again, do not bend your back outwards or inwards, it should be perfectly aligned. Excessive strain on the back will cause serious injury. Consider using a lifting belt in order to support your lower back muscle.
Bench Press

When performing the bench press, the nature of the exercise requires you to lay on your back (flat), and lower the bar to your chest then push it back up until the arms and elbows are about 95% locked. The bench press is known for its' ability to grow your chest, but it is also effective in boosting growth of other muscle groups: shoulders, triceps and forearms. The bench press is the big 3 exercise, as it is used in all sports along with the other 2 big exercises: Squats and Deadlifts.
Squat Bench press instructions:

*Lay Flat on Bench presss
*Pinch your shoulder blades together
*Keep feet flat on ground
*Grip the bar at wide grip levels, a bit wider then your shoulders
*Lift bar off of the supporting rack
*Lower the bar slowly until it touches chest
*Push the weight off your chest until the arms are almost straight
*Repeat until you max out
Bench Press Warnings

*Do not bounce the bar off your chest when doing the bench press
*Do not lift your feet off the ground when benching
*Do not arch your back
*Do not attempt more weight then you can handle, this can be disastrous (imagine being stuck under 400lbs.)
Deadlift Introduction:

Deadlifts are the 3 rd building block in the mass training set of: bench press, squat and deadlifts. Anyone who's starting out in bodybuilding or just fitness, doesn't need a lot of fancy exercises. All one needs is the big 3 exercises: bench press, squat and deadlift. Deadlift is basically a modified squat and row, done together, targeting a variety of muscle. The muscles being targeted are quadriceps, hamstrings, lower back, calves, abs, middle back, and shoulders. This is an all around exercise that targets all these muscle groups in one easy lift.

DeadLift Video:

Squat Deadlift Instructions

*Your feet should be flat under the bar
*Squat down and grab the bar at about shoulder width
*Lift the bar is a squat like motion by extending your hips and knees to full extension
*At 70% of being fully upright, pull your shoulders back and squeeze your back muscles and glutes
Deadlift Warnings:

Failure to keep your back aligned during the deadlift can cause serious damage to your lower back. No jerking movements should be used with the deadlift! You must start slow and controlled, and end slow and controlled. Do not drop the bar, bring it down slowly. Do not arch your back when lifting the weight off the floor, as this can cause problems with your lower back and spinal cord. Keep your back aligned.
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