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The world of steroids has seen a sea change in the number as well as type of users, in the way they are administered and the nature of steroids produced owing to the changes in the steroid manufacturing technology. This article will give you a comprehensive account of one such steroidal hormone called Testosterone.


Testosterone Testosterone Testosterone


Testosterone is among few substances which have been quoted as the ‘most important' hormone required for the development of the body, particularly for men. Although it also forms a part of the females' hormonal system, in men it is required in much higher quantities. In fact it is said that without intake and presence of Testosterone in the body, it is difficult for bodybuilders and sportspersons to achieve their goals. Testosterone ideally belongs to the category of hormones called androgens and has been identified as a primary androgenic hormone in the body. It is one of the most powerful hormones in the body and is considered responsible for the development of prostrate and testicles in males. It is also considered to be the main element responsible for the growth of muscle tissue, body strength and bone density. Other than these, Testosterone is essential for the overall well being of the body and its low levels can adversely affect muscle as well as bone strength.


Despite belonging to the family of androgens, Testosterone is also a strong anabolic compound. Like other steroidal hormones, Testosterone is derived from cholesterol and is regulated through production by t Luteinizing Hormone (LH) and Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH).Here the pituitary function plays an important role as without its smooth functioning, natural production of testosterone in the body cannot take place.


Benefits of Testosterone


There are many benefits of Testosterone experiences by its users. However, its effectiveness is largely dose dependent in terms of its over-all effect. Like mentioned earlier many people employ testosterone as a part of the hormone replacement therapy so that they can raise their testosterone levels to the normal level. Those seeking Testosterone use for competitive purpose witness a great increase in their strength as well as improvement in performance as well. Bodybuilders experience a massive improvement in the growth of muscle tissues. Testosterone also increases the rate of recovery in the human body. This hormone is known to produce a strong anti-catabolic protection as well which disallows cortisol from promoting body fat. It enhances the endurance level of its users. This leads to people's increased ability to work harder and for longer hours without getting tired fast. It does so by increasing the red blood cell count which in turn increases the amount of oxygen entering the blood that leads to better muscle efficiency.


Testosterone Dosage


The most common testosterone dose known to render some great results to its users is taking up to 250 mg of the compound per week. Although people looking at sharper and faster gains, particularly bodybuilders can take up to 500 mg a week to enhances their growth. Even doses as high as 1000 mg a week is not uncommon among athletes but it is imperative to understand that such high doses can easily risk the health of the user. This is because prolonged use of this substance in quantities as high as these can make the person easily prone to the incidence of side effects. Thus it is always safe to stick to prescribed doses as recommended as experts.


Forms of Testosterone


Testosterone is available in many forms out of which the most common one is by the way of injections. There are many transdermal gels also available and patches which may be used depending on the type of the steroid cycle employed. Testosterone can also be taken orally in the form of gel caps and tablets.


Types of Testosterone


Depending on the placement and the type of ester attached to the compound, there are six major types of Testosterones available. These include:


  • Testosterone-Propionate
  • Testosterone-Enanthate
  • Testosterone- Cypionate
  • Testosterone-Suspension
  • Sustanon -250
  • Omnadren


Side Effects and Abuse of Testosterone


Side effects of testosterone appear only when the substance is taken in extremely high quantities for a very long period of time. Thus it is imperative that the steroid hormone be taken in limited amount or under expert guidance only, especially if the person is a beginner. Some common and possible side effects of Testosterone are testicular atrophy, water retention, gynecomastia, high blood pressure, development of acne, oily skin and certain adverse cholesterol reactions. Many side effects of Testosterone can be easily avoidable if certain precautions are taken care of. For example, in some cases, Testosterone can cause retention of the water in the muscle tissues. If such a case, the user should avoid diets that are very high in carbohydrates as it causes the muscles to bloat. However this problem can be eliminated by the use of a decent aromatase inhibitor.


Buy Testosterone


Testosterone being a popular and one of the most widely used compounds, can be bought with as well as without a prescription from any reputed online steroid store.

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