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Testosterone Cypionate

The last few decades have seen steroid industry reaching new heights. Earlier only bodybuilders and people from the sports fraternity were seen using steroids to better their looks and performance but modern times have paved the way even for people other than professionals to employ these substances for their gains. These include young men and women conscious of improving their looks, older men complaining of low testosterone levels and even teenagers who are combating delayed puberty. Steroid use has become the new culture of people these days but with its advantages also comes the responsibility of administering them the right way. This is because excessive and prolonged use of these substances can lead to the development of certain undesirable conditions commonly referred to as side effects. In this article, we shall today be talking about a well known steroid called Testosterone known to deliver some excellent results to its users. Let's find out what makes this steroid so sought after.


Testosterone_Cypionate Testosterone_Cypionate Testosterone_Cypionate


Benefit of Testosterone Cypionate


Testosterone Cypionate is a bulking steroid commonly employed to gain high quality muscle mass and strength by the user. It forms a poor choice for people intending to lose fat. Hence it should never be taken in the cutting phase. A large number of bodybuilders and sportspersons are known to use this drug for their gains. There are lots of women users as well who employ this drug for gains in muscle mass and size but they must practice precaution while using this drug as higher quantities can make them prone to side effects.


Side effects and abuse of Testosterone Cypionate


Testosterone Cypionate is a primary male androgen responsible for features like deeper voice, aggression, larger muscles and sex drive. It also drives emotional traits in them. In fact it helps retain more nitrogen in them which makes the process of protein synthesis faster. This consequently leads to muscles becoming stronger and sturdier.


Consuming higher quantities of the drug should always be avoided as its prolonged use might make the user prone to many side effects, primarily being water retention in the tissues. This steroid has the property of converting into estrogen when administered in the body for a prolonged period of time. Thus issues like accumulation of fluid in the tissues are common in people consuming Testosterone Cypionate for a prolonged period. Being a powerful androgen, it might also cause certain androgenic effects in the body such as oily skin, development of acne, male pattern balding and growth of body and facial hair. Hair loss is mainly experienced by people having hereditary balding problems. At extreme dosages, the person might also develop gynecomastia or enlargement of breasts in men. To avoid conditions like water retention, use of anti-aromatases like Arimidex, Femara or Aromasin are recommended. Usage of Nolvadex and Proviron from the start of the steroid cycle can prove to be beneficial towards avoiding the side effects.


Testosterone Cypionate dosage


This steroid is known to stay active in the body for a prolonged period and so needs to be ingested on a weekly or a bi-weekly basis in order to maintain its stability in the blood stream. The dosage quantity at which one can see fairly good results are between 250 mg to 450 mg a week. Water retention at these doses is much lower and the person can enjoy solid ripped effect of the muscles instead of the watery or the bloated look that is a common scenario in people consuming high content of testosterone compounds. Some bodybuilders and sportspersons do take higher quantities at times such as 800 mg a week but they make them prone to severe side effects. Thus it is always best to stick to prescribed amount of the drug to keep side effects at bay and also ensure better results. People usually take these proportions thinking of getting dramatic results but every steroid takes its time to react in the body and bring expected results.


Forms of Testosterone Cypionate


Testosterone Cypionate is the longest estered testosterone in the body and is found in the form of injectable oil. Its half life in the body is usually of 15 to 16 days. Thus its doses should be distributed accordingly in the steroid cycle. This steroid is commonly employed in stacks.


Buy Testosterone Cypionate


Buying a steroid these days is no longer confined to black market at sky high prices. Today they can be easily bought from any online store or a pharmacy with as well as without a prescription. It is however important to ensure that the site chosen to order the steroid from should be genuine and have discreet policies on shipping, re-shipping and refunds. Testosterone Cypionate can be bought in the similar way. Just that the person should know about the laws governing the use of the steroid in his/her country to avoid any legal issues later.

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