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** Warning: Anavar, Dianabol, Clenbuterol, Winstrol, Deca Durabolin, Trenbolone and Sustanon are very dangerous anabolic steroids and can be harmful to your health when abused **


If you've been associated with steroids for a long time now, you must be aware that the world of steroid is increasing by the day. New steroids are being manufactured depending on the increasing demands of its users. From a few drugs rarely available in earlier times, today steroids can be bought by anybody, at anytime from anyplace. The biggest role in this regard has been played by the internet which has brought the buying of these substances just a click away for us. Since the production of these drugs has increased, they have become cheaper and hence more accessible for people seeking to use them.


ProvironProviron Proviron


The most common users of steroids have been bodybuilders whose main aim is to develop quality muscle mass and density and sportspersons. Even though the usage of these drugs has been banned in the sports industry, their use has never diminished here. The people mostly employing them include athletes, power lifters, cyclists and swimmers who need to be fast and strong for competition purposes. Today there are steroids serving every need of its users and produces optimum results provided they are employed in the right manner. Yes, when it comes to steroid use it is important to know the right manner of administering them, the proper dosage quantity and possible side effects so that one can take precautions to keep them at bay.


Benefits of Proviron


Today we shall be talking about a popular drug Proviron. Proviron is not a steroid but a compound which stops the conversion of estrogen in the body. Since the steroids administered in the body are anabolic and androgenic in nature, some of them (particularly those which are highly androgenic) have the tendency to aromatize into estrogen when ingested. This happens due to the enzyme called aromatase which binds with androgens entering the body and converts them into estrogen. High levels of this hormone in the body then lead to estrogenic side effects such as water retention in the joints, acne and gynecomastia ot enlarged breasts in men. To stop these adverse reactions from occurring, experts have recommended the use of anti-aromatase compounds such as Proviron (along with other anabolic drugs used in a steroid cycle) which bind with aromatase enzymes and block their functioning of aromatizing the androgens.


Apart from lowering estrogen content in the body, Proviron is also known to boost the level of testosterone in the body by freeing it from its attachment to sex hormone binding globulin. This drug is ideally is a strong oral androgen Mesterolone which does not aromatize into estrogen upon entering the body. It is also used medically to treat different types of sexual dysfunction and increase sperm count in males.


Most people think that since it is a potent androgen, it will aid in the development of muscle mass but the fact is its anabolic properties are too weak to produce any prominent muscle development. Hence it is not a very good option for increasing muscle density. This is also because Proviron soon gets reduced to inactive metabolites in the muscle tissue, a characteristic trait seen in DHT or dihydrotestosterone.


Athletes are largely seen to use this drug as an anti-estrogen along with other strong anabolic compounds to increase their body strength. This compound also forms an important part of steroid cycles employed by bodybuilders who take anabolic steroids for their muscle mass and size gains. Because of its this action, it is often compared to Arimidex in its action.


Proviron Dosage


It is always useful to use this drug in stacks owing to its ability to block testosterone from getting converted in to estrogen and hence aiding in producing a more pronounced anabolic effect. For women a dose of Proviron that yields optimum results is intake of 10 mg a day. It proves to be particularly beneficial when taken with strong anabolic compounds like Wisntrol, Primobolan and Oxandrolone. For men, the best dose would be administering 25 mg a day which is enough to prevent gynecomastia in them.


Side effects and Abuse of Proviron


Proviron being a strong androgen should always be taken in prescribed limits only. This is because taking very high doses of the drug for a prolonged time can lead to occurrence of androgenic side effects such as oily skin, appearance of acne, growth of body and facial hair and male pattern baldness in those already having hair loss issues due to hereditary reasons. Prolonged intake Proviron can also aggravate hypertension in its users.


Buy Proviron


Proviron is a well known drug and since it is so widely used in steroid cycles, it can be easily found on any online steroid pharmacy from where it can be bought with as well as without a prescription. The only precaution to be taken is regarding the choice of the site. It should have discreet policies on billing, shipping and re-shipping to ensure that the transactions made are safe and secured.


Forms of Proviron


Proviron is mainly found in tablet form.

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