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** Warning: Anavar, Dianabol, Clenbuterol, Winstrol, Deca Durabolin, Trenbolone and Sustanon are very dangerous anabolic steroids and can be harmful to your health when abused **


Steroids have always been an imperative part of bodybuilders' and athletes' regime. For many years they were seen as prescription drugs which were recommended for curing conditions like muscle wasting caused due to cancer, AIDS and surgery. They are still employed for the treatment of many ailments. Apart from medicine, steroids have also occupied a prominent space in the world of bodybuilding where they are used for increasing muscle density and mass. Even sportspersons such as athletes, power lifters, cyclists and swimmers have been regularly using these substances to make themselves stronger and faster in their skills. But in the present day, steroid usage is no longer limited to these people.


Today even people other than professionals are widely using these drugs to improve their looks. These include women, young men, older men and even teenagers. Since these are no ordinary drugs, it is important that the person is fully aware of the right manner, time and amount it needs to be taken in. These aspects are very important to ensure optimum results and precaution against the incidence of side effects. Today we shall be talking about a well known steroid called Methyltestosterone which has always been one of the highly preferred steroids among bodybuilders and athletes.


This compound is known to render quality muscle mass and strength to its users. It is a version of testosterone only which has been altered chemically to be available orally.


Methyltestosterone Methyltestosterone


Methyltestosterone Dosage


Methyltestosterone has been found to be most useful for strength gains particularly by athletes. The best way to administer is just before a workout or an athletic event. Ingesting 25 mgs an hour before working out helps in the rapid rise of strength as well as aggression in the users. If the compound is to be used in the steroid cycle then the dosage would be 100 mgs a day when taken in tablet form. This helps in making the muscle training programme more productive. If you are looking at the long term benefits of this compound then, administering the steroid three to four weeks before the commencement of workouts can help draw maximum benefit out of it. The active life of this drug is six to eight hours in the human body. It can be detected up to four to six weeks after its intake is over and hence should be administered accordingly if it is to be taken before a competition.


Side Effects and Abuse of Methyltestosterone


Methyltestosterone is a 17-alpha-methyl-altered compound and is known to have very high anabolic properties. For such compounds, it is always recommended that the steroid be taken in quantities as prescribed only. This is because ingesting very high doses of the compound for a long duration can make the user prone to the risk of side effects. In case of Methyltestosterone, these include liver toxicity and lowering of plasma viscosity in the blood. This compound can aromatize into estrogen when administered and so if taken in very high doses, it might cause water retention in the tissues. It might also lead to the development of gynecomastia and enlargement of prostrate in men. Taking this form of endogenous hormone also affects the natural testosterone level of the body. It also has prominent androgenic properties and so might lead to androgenic side effects as well such as oily skin, development of acne, hair loss in those who are already prone to it and growth of body and facial hair.Women should avoid using this drug at any dose as it might lead to the development of make sexual characteristics in them.


Taking this drug at high dosages might also lead to reduction in the plasma content of gonadotropins, gonadal steroids , sex hormone binding globulin, free T3 and T4, and thyroid binding globulin. Hence to avoid the incidence of estrogenic side effects primarily, use of 5mg a day of Arimidex is recommended. It will help lower the level of estrogen in the body to a considerable extent. In context to the same, considering the hormonal effects of the drug, a post cycle therapy consisting of Nolvadex at 20mgs a day and 500iu a day of HCG for three week is highly advisable.


Forms of Methyltestosterone


Methyltestosterone is best used in oral form as tablets.


Buy Methyltestosterone

Methyltestosterone is a fairly popular drug and can be found on sale on many online stores. Since there are numerous sites on the internet talking about selling steroids, the best way to find whether a site is genuine or not is to check its search engine rankings. Reading about it on community forums also gives a fair idea about the popularity of the site. Make sure the site chosen has discreet policies on shipping, re-shipping and refunds. One must also be aware about the important of that steroid in his/her country to avoid any legal hassles later.

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