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** Warning: Anavar, Dianabol, Clenbuterol, Winstrol, Deca Durabolin, Trenbolone and Sustanon are very dangerous anabolic steroids and can be harmful to your health when abused **


Steroids are no longer employed as medicinal drugs available only on prescription basis. The last few decades have seen a sea change in the way these drugs are employed and also manufactured depending on the growing demands of steroid users. At one time, steroids were only used by professional bodybuilders who employed the drug to build their muscle mass and size. They also found a profound place in the sports fraternity where athletes, power lifters and cyclists used them to increase their muscle power so that they can compete at a higher plane by becoming more efficient in their skill.


Increased awareness about the benefits of steroids and entrance of newer products in the market has led to a big change in the way these drugs are seen. Today people other than those engaged in professional sports have also started employing these substances in a big way. These include young men, women, older men and even teenagers who use these drugs to better their looks. However, it is imperative to practice caution while using these compounds as their misuse can adversely affect the user in some cases. On the contrary, if it is taken in too small quantities, then it might not help achieve the desired goal. Thus it is important that before using the product, the user stays completely aware of the way it will behave inside the body, its benefits and possible side effects, right dosage amount, time period it should be taken for and the right manner of ingesting it.


Today we shall be discussing a popular substance called Insulin. Insulin is naturally produced in the body and works as a very powerful anabolic compound if used correctly. It is precisely a protein secreted by the pancreas and has the primary function of regulating the metabolism of carbohydrates in the body. It basically moves the sugars present in the digestive tract into the blood stream and from there to the tissues where it is converted into energy employed by the body. When the body stops producing sufficient insulin, it is unable to use the sugars present in the blood stream and this leads to high content of sugar in the blood. As a result, the body stops getting enough energy it requires in carrying forth its functions and starts behaving as if it is starving. This can lead to muscle weakness and when such a condition appears, supplement of insulin need to be put inside the body either in the form of injections or with the help of an insulin pump.


Insulin Insulin Insulin


Benefits of Insulin


When the secretion of insulin is normal inside the body, it is this substance that brings proteins and amino acids inside the muscle tissues there by increasing the lean muscle mass. Thus it is profoundly used by professionals like bodybuilders who administer insulin along with IGF-1 and growth hormone to get quality muscle growth. This function of insulin is compared to the anabolic effect of other steroids which trigger protein synthesis in the tissues leading to the development of muscle mass.


Side Effects and Abuse of Insulin


Insulin has its benefits but if it is abused or used for an excessively long period of time in higher than prescribed quantities, then it can lead to conditions like hypoglycemia. In extreme cases, it can harm the user. Thus its prolonged use should be prohibited at all hours. Insulin should never be ingested alone in the body to initiate the growth of body mass. This is because if taken alone it can lead to fat storage in the body which will eventually lead to weight gain. Thus it should always be taken along with a fat burner or an anabolic steroid. When ingesting insulin in the body, protein intake should be increased for getting maximum benefits.


Under any circumstances this protein should always be administered under expert guidance only for increased level of insulin in the body can leads to certain unwanted effects.


Types of Insulin


There are many types of insulin which differ on the basis of how quickly they produce results and also duration for which they last in the body. One of the most common and popular variety of insulin is called Humalog. It produces almost instant results in the body, in about fifteen minutes after it is administered. Its presence in the blood stream stays for about four to five hours. However, the only issue with this drug is that it is available only on prescription unless one buys it from an underground lab. Another form of insulin is Humulin R which takes about thirty to sixty minutes to come into effect and stays in the body for about six hours. There are other instant acting insulin types as well which show effect within two to four hours and stay in the body up to twenty hours. They include Humulin L and Humulin N.


Insulin should be injected only with the syringes specially designed for its use. It is mainly injected under the skin, above the muscle.

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