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Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

People aiming at developing their muscles mass or gaining extra strength often seek the use of either steroids or artificial hormones to enhance their gains. These primarily include bodybuilders and sportspersons who want to achieve these goals to better their looks and make themselves more efficient for competition purposes. Though the use of these substances has become very common these days, the person should still be fully aware about the right quantity, manner and time limit for which these should be taken. This not only ensures achievement of desired results but also helps keep the person away from confronting any side effects. Today we shall be discussing one such hormone called the Human Growth Hormone which is produced in our body in the pituitary gland. As its name suggests, its prime function is to enhance the growth of tissues in the body. Its level is the highest when the person is an adolescent. Apart from tissue growth, it promotes protein deposition and the breakdown of subcutaneous fat stores in the body.


Human Growth Hormone is also referred to as somatotropin and is mainly a synthetic form of natural hormone. As the person grows older, the endogenous level of Growth Hormone decreases but remains present in the body in quite trace amounts. It is actually a chain of 191 amino acids and is considered to be effective in combating pituitary deficient dwarfism. If taken during the adolescent years, it helps in restoring linear growth in the body. It is also useful in restoring damaged cartilage in the body.




Benefits of Human Growth Hormone


HGH is largely used by bodybuilders as well as athletes around the world because very small quantities of the drug can bring about dramatic results such as increased muscle density and mass. It also helps in burning of excess fat from the body at a very rapid rate. Its uniqueness is that it increases the number of cells rather than size. With the exception of eyes and the brain, it stimulates the growth of all the skeletal tissues. Intake of Human Growth Hormone also boosts the transport of amino acids in the body as well as the rate at which protein synthesis takes place in it. All these reactions inside the body are actually regulated by insulin like growth factor IGF-1 which a strong anabolic compound produced in the liver as well as other tissues of the body in response to the growth hormone. The level of IGF-1 in the body is known to reach its peak after 20 hours of HGH administration in the body.


Human Growth Hormone also acts as a powerful tool to stimulate the hydrolysis of triglycerides in the adipose tissue causing considerable fat reduction during its intake period. This is how it helps in the burning of excess fat from the body at a relatively fast rate.It is also seen to increase the glucose output in the liver and induce insulin resistance by blocking the activity of this hormone in the target cells. Since Human Growth Hormone is primarily associated with promotion of growth, it also seems to make the cartilage, connective tissues and tendons of the body stronger. Due to this the person becomes less susceptible to injury and increases his ability to lift weights with greater ease.


There is no reliable detection method to find out about its presence in the body and so forms a highly desired drug among athletes.


Human Growth Hormone Dosage


To get best results out of HGH usage, an average athlete would need the hormone between 4 to 6 i.u. every day. This dosage is primarily for those seeking rapid achievement of goals for competition purposes otherwise safe doses for other people includes intake of 1 to 2 i.u. of Human Growth Hormone. Administering the drug every day is imperative as it has a short life in the body. Its concentration in the blood is known to reach peak levels 2 to 6 hours after it is injected in the body and is also found to get cleared from the body with the half life of just twenty to thirty minutes. Thus it becomes a little difficult to maintain its blood levels at times.


Buy Human Growth Hormone


Human Growth Hormone can be safe bought from any reputed store on the internet. One has to only ensure that the site it is being ordered from should have discreet policies.


Forms of Human Growth Hormone


This hormone is usually employed in liquid form as injections.


Side Effects and Abuse of Human Growth Hormone


Human Growth Hormone should be taken with great care as taking it in excessive can shut down the natural HGH production in the body. The hormone should always be ingested under expert guidance because taking it in extremely high amounts for a prolonged period can cause development of conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, thickening of bones in the hands and feet and enlarged organs.

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