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Not many years ago, people thought that steroids could be employed only by professional bodybuilders who train for competitive purposes. They do have a history of being used for medical purposes as well but changing times have rendered a new dimension in the way these substances are now employed. Today there are people all around the globe seeking steroid use to achieve their respective purposes such as loss of excess fat from the body, increase in quality muscle mass, increase in body strength, accelerated level of testosterone in the body to fight its low levels in the body etc. These people include professionals such as bodybuilders, sportspersons, amateur bodybuilders, young men, women, older men and even teenagers. With the widespread of steroid use also comes the concern about how these substances should be optimally used to ensure best results. Thus this article is dedicated in bringing before you a detailed account of one such steroid called Halotestin which is a highly celebrated drug in the world of steroids. Let's find out what makes this drug highly preferred in the professional as well as non-professional circles.


Halotestin Halotestin


Benefits of Halotestin


Halotestin is the trade name for the compound Fluoxymesterone and is chemically known as 9-fluoro-11,17-dihydroxy-10,13,17-trimethyl-1,2,6,7,8,11,12,14,15,16-decahydrocyclopenta[ a ] phenanthren-3-one. It is an anabolic steroid more prominently known for its strong androgenic properties. The most common benefit of Halotestin is development of quality muscle mass. The gains achieved by its use are usually gradual but are highly effective. Being a mild anabolic compound, Halotestin is known more for the way it tones the muscle fibers rather than rendering density to them. Professionals like bodybuilders employ it to chisel their muscle mass gained during the steroid cycle. It has also found usage among sportspersons such as athletes and power lifters whose main aim is to make their bodies stronger and faster.


Halotestin's most prominent property is to burn the excess fat from the body. Hence it is termed as one of the best cutting agents used for reduction of all the extra fat from the user's body. When administered in the body, Halotestin boosts the production of red blood cells which are the chief agents of carrying oxygen to all parts of the body. This consequently leads to the presence of higher amount of oxygen in the body which in turn helps the tissues of the skeletal muscles to release in the form of adenosine triphosphate. The production of this compound in the body does not let lactic acid to accumulate in the muscle tissues which eases the user of the pain and fatigue caused due to excessive training during the steroid cycle. It is because of this reason that professional experts recommend the use of this steroid to people aiming at reduction of excess fat in a short period. The half life of this steroid has been found to be of approximately 9.5 hours in the human body and has been studied to have hepatic form of metabolism.


Medical Use of Halotestin


Halotestin has high anti-estrogen properties because of which it is employed for medical purposes such as the treatment of conditions like hypogonadism , delayed puberty in males and breast neoplasms in women. It also possesses antitumor properties which are mainly due to the competitive inhibition of prolactin caused by Halotestin.


Side Effects of Halotestin


An important point to be mentioned as far as side effects caused by this steroid are concerned is that it is only if the steroid is used in very high quantities for a very long time that side effects are likely to appear. Under normal circumstances, if the steroid is taken responsibly in quantities as prescribed, then the person will never face any incidence of side effects. On the contrary, is ingesting Halotestin for a prolonged period without limiting its dosage can cause conditions like erectile dysfunction, lowering of the libido and anomalies in the formation of sperms. Some people have also reported of considerable decrease in the level of testosterone production in the body. However, this situation can be controlled by taking testosterone stimulants along with the steroid. Women employing this drug in high quantities can complain of virilization in extreme cases. This includes enlargement of the clitoris, appearance of facial and body hair, changes in the menstrual cycle and voice becoming hoarse and low.


Halotestin Cycle


The cycle of this strong androgenic steroid consists of the dose continuing for about four to six weeks. In the initial phase, the dose should be limited to 10 mg a day and with the progress of the the cycle it can be increased up to 40 mg a day. It is recommended that Halotestin be taken only after the meals as its administration before it might cause stomach upset, vomiting or diarrhea.


Purchase Halotestin


Halotestin can be purchased with ease on any online store with or without a prescription.


Forms of Halotestin


Halotestin can either be bought as tablets, injections or as syrups depending on the nature of the steroid cycle to be employed.

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