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** Warning: Anavar, Dianabol, Clenbuterol, Winstrol, Deca Durabolin, Trenbolone and Sustanon are very dangerous anabolic steroids and can be harmful to your health when abused **

Steroids in Sports

History is beset with numerous examples that tell us that the connection of steroids and sports is almost an age old. The sports world has always been infatuated with the use of anabolic steroids to make its users faster, stronger and better. Athletes, swimmers, power lifters, cyclists, base ball players and people involved in other competitive sports have all been associated with steroid use at some time or the other. Many players, whether rumored or true have also been part of the bad press which atleast made anabolic steroids popular. Following the adage, that there is no such thing as bad publicity, use of steroids in the sports world is still as dominant and is only increasing by the day. Looking at other side of the coin, audiences have always liked their stars look bigger and stronger. No matter any number of doping scandals, as long as people are getting to see their stars performing well, they really don't mind what goes behind it.


steroids_in_sportssteroids_in_sports steroids_in_sports


For those who think that it is unfair for those trying to compete at a natural level, there is always an option of what is called the equal access. Even medical experts believe and have stated that it is only a part of the competition to have the will of employing steroids for better performance. Every player wants to have best of equipment, training as well as coaching to bring in the best in them. In its course, if one intends to use anabolic drugs for better gains, then the fact is that even they are equally available to other competitors as well. Using steroids to become stronger and faster is no longer a hidden fact and if people at both sides of the competition employ them then it is believed that it only becomes even and more exciting. Even competitors don't mind their opponents using steroids. They believe it only takes the competition to the next level. Supporting this was the statement of Professor Julian Savulescu from University of Oxford that wanting to enhance performance is not against the spirit of the sport. In fact it has been an imperative part of our history. To be human is good but there is nothing wrong in trying to be better.


Medical Sciences believe that steroids as performing enhancing drugs have only produced a better breed of athletes. After the advent of steroid use in the sports world, athletes have showed a unique level of outcomes, something which history has never witnessed and in countries where people consume sports or take them too seriously; this is exactly what they expect out of their sports heroes. In nation like ours, fans are used to games with multiple homeruns or bike races that finish in record time or football matches with iron curtain front lines. Against all this, playing with body's natural abilities doesn't succumb to the level of expectation people have from their stars.


Though many media reports have been rumored to talk that steroid use in sports adversely affects the player's body, doctors and researchers reveal that such a thing could happen to anyone abusing the drugs for a prolonged period of time. It could be someone outside the sports world as well. On the contrary, if these drugs are administered in prescribed quantities for limited spans, they never prove to be harmful in any way. Hence when it comes to using anabolic steroids to achieve any purpose, the emphasis is on the right dosage, the right manner of ingesting and most importantly knowing about all aspects of the drug before it use. For beginners, it is always recommended that they be taken under expert supervision only. Just beginning to take a particular steroid on the basis of hearsay doesn't prove to be very beneficial.


Everything said and done, it is a known fact that use of steroids in the sports world is banned. Anyone found employing these performance enhancers are banned from serving their sport and dealers might face serious criminal charges. However, people supporting their favorite sports continue to argue that authorities should have a patient and an honest debate over intake of these anabolic substances by athletes in order to make their bodies more fit with an intend to bring to their fans, their best possible performance.


Some common names which have gained great popularity in the last few decades includes Anabol, Android, Androstenedione, Winstrol, Deca-Durabol, T3-Cytomel, Testosterone Cypionate, Anavar, Testosterone Enanthate, Testosterone Phenylpropionate, Testosterone Propionate, Equipoise, Omnadren. Testosterone Suspension, Trenbolone Acetate and Trenbolone Enanthate, THG, Genabol and HGH. These are among some most sought after steroids widely used by people around the world for their gains.



Other than use in the sports world, anabolic steroids are also employed by bodybuilders. In fact a lot of credit of bringing these drugs into limelight also goes to the bodybuilding fraternities who have been employing them for the development of quality muscle mass and density. Recent times have witnessed a huge increase in the number of steroid users which now include people of all ages ranging from young teenagers, older men and even women. Teens in their adolescents tend to use the drugs to fight their delayed puberty. Also youngsters combating less height and weight and other growth issues are known to use steroids for their gains. Women form a large group of steroid users these days. They use them for cutting out the extra fat from their bodies. Since these drugs bring results in a very short span, they are highly preferred over other substances. They also help in the addition of lean tissue in them. Older men showing low levels of testosterone have been found to go for steroid intervention to go for hormonal replacement therapy.


Steroids are also largely use in the medical sciences for curing muscle wasting condition caused due to AIDS and cancer. They are used to cause bone marrow stimulation and cure hypoplastic anemia occurred due to leukemia or kidney failure . People employ it to improve their appetite as well. Also testosterone enanthate has been found to be used as a potent form of safe and a reliable male contraceptive.

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