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Steroid Detox

It is imperative for people who use steroids on a regular basis to detox their bodies for the overall well being of their health. This helps in getting back the body metabolism, nutrition content as well as other hormonal balances in place. Doing it at least once a year is highly recommended. If need be, one can also do it twice a year.


Steroid_Detox Steroid_Detox Steroid_Detox


There are a few important elements that need to be kept in mind while detoxing the body. They are as follows:

    • Drinking lots of water is very important when you are trying to flush your body of the toxins and other ingredients whose long-term presence might affect the body.
    • Bring down the content of items like artificial sweeteners, caffeine and sugars in your daily diet. Excess quantities of these food items might harm the body and so their consumption should either be reduced or stopped for some time.
    • If cleansing of the body's system is what you are looking at, make sure you either stop or reduce the intake of any dairy products.
    • Eating any form of meat should be avoided during this period. This is because if you are in a habit of eating lot of it on a daily basis, then it might not get digested as regularly as it ideally should. In short, intake of meat should be considerably brought down in this phase.
    • While detox is going in the body, a lot of free radicals and toxins are released from the liver, kidneys and lymph which are usually released in the blood stream or the lymph stream. For absolute cleansing of the body it is important to wash these toxins out of the body. Hence one should either consume a herbal laxative or eat lots of fibrous food items. These are normally a part of most detox programs.
    • It is said that dry brushing your stomach in a circular motion when you first wake up wake up in the morning helps stimulate the bowels. It proves to be highly useful in helping your body form a habit of timely bowels. It needs to be done 15 times in a clockwise manner and 15 times in an anti clock-wise manner.
    • During the detox program, the more raw food you eat, the better. This includes both fruits as well as raw vegetables. Most people worry about sugars present in the fruit they eat thinking that it might lead to weight gain as well. This is purely a myth because one does not gain any fat by consuming sugars present in the fruits.
    • Some of the best options would be raw nuts, beans, sprouts and fish. These are rich sources of protein. Given below are a few more options which you can make a part of your daily diet while your detox is going on.
    • The organ most affected during steroid intake is the liver. Hence this organ needs to be detoxified the most. Consumption of milk thistle is really helpful in this. It not only helps to detoxify the liver but also aids in its healthy functioning.
    • The most common limitation that steroid users confront is due to adrenal fatigue. People who are caffeine addicts and eat a lot of pills to burn fat and diet often end up over loading their adrenal glands which are associated with secretion of hormones. Thee glands are located on the top of the kidneys and get saturated due to over use of pills. As a result they stop secreting natural hormones in the body. Other reasons causing this include extreme levels of stress, sleeplessness and use of too many stimulants. Hence it is important to clean them out so that you get back your body's natural hormornal balance back. For this, intake of DHEA proves to be the best remedy.Make sure that you are being guided by your physician during this. The most effective way to combat it is to completely stop your stimulant intake. You may have your set of withdrawal symptoms but doing this is worth it. It will not only help eliminate stress from your life but also bring back your sleep.
    • Nothing works better than Aloe Vera when it comes to detoxifying the body. It is not only helpful in cleansing the body but also nourishes the skin in a big way. You will find it on supplement shops as one of the major detox food products. You can also consume aloe vera juice; the taste however could be an issue but you can always ignore that.
    • Castor Oil is another effective laxative that helps in detoxification in an effective manner. Normally other laxatives that are consumed mainly cleanse the lower intestines but castor oil causes the stimulation of the upper intestines as well and cleans out the entire intestinal tract. It starts working within 5 hours of intake and might induce bowels up to 3 times a day.
    • Psyllium Husk is among other major fiber foods that help. Fibers are important as they make the movement of whatever is accumulated in the digestive tract easier. By making fibers a part of your daily diet you can completely clean your tract and enjoy getting detoxed faster.



  • Some people think it is not effective but digestive enzymes play a major role in the detoxifying process. They help digest food faster and so body undergoes less amount of stress to digest and simplify all the fat that goes in it. You can get it from any local supplement shop. One of the best options would be papaya which is a natural digestive enzyme. You could make papaya shakes which make their intake a lot tastier. You can also mix it with pineapple juice to better the taste.
  • Go Green will be the motto while you are detoxifying yourself. Nothing beats green salads and vegetables during this process.
  • Cod liver oil is yet another option which aids in effective detoxification.
  • Just like dry brushing was discussed above, one such remedy would be taking tea oil baths or mint oil baths. If you are wondering about its effectiveness, let me tell that they do work. They actually help in the oxygenation of the blood which improves its circulation in the body. This process naturally boosts the secretions from the lymph. Many people have found coconut oil to be useful in the process as well.
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