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** Warning: Anavar, Dianabol, Clenbuterol, Winstrol, Deca Durabolin, Trenbolone and Sustanon are very dangerous anabolic steroids and can be harmful to your health when abused **


Dianabol, a trade name of the chemical compound methandrostenolone, is one of the vintage anabolic-androgenic steroids. Dianabol, or D-bol, has been around since the 1960s and it still belongs to the Top 5 list of the most sought-after steroids by athletes. Dianabol is unarguably the compound that introduced the sporting world to the potential benefits of steroids to athletes. Dianabol was developed by John Ziegler, a physician in the United States Olympic weightlifting team, and released in the US by the drug company Ciba Pharmaceutical. It has been discontinued by Ciba in the 1980s when the US Food and Drug Administration decided to schedule it under the Controlled Substances Act. However, since it is still in great demand among those who want to pump up their performance and enhance their physique, many companies (legitimate and underground labs) continue to produce this compound.

What makes this oral steroid attractive to bodybuilders and athletes?

Dianabol, without a doubt, is a mass steroid. It promotes extreme muscle growth through ideal protein synthesis, supporting protein buildup and positive nitrogen balance in the body. This steroid is also known to upgrade calcium deposits in bones, resulting to a positive bone mineral density.

Dianabol is classified as Class II steroid, which means that it exerts its efficacy not through the androgen receptors unlike Class I steroid compounds. Such classification of steroids is a newly-emerged theory, in which anabolic-androgenic steroids are categorized into two distinct groups based on their principal mode of promoting muscle growth. Class I steroids promote muscle growth via the cellular androgen receptor. Class II steroids, in contrast, are relatively weak activators of the androgen receptors and thus promote muscle growth via other modes of action. According to the proponents of this theory, non-medical users of steroids can find this helpful when stacking since they can choose drugs that yield synergistic effects more easily. In the case of Dianabol, a Class II compound, it is recommended that it should be stacked with a Class I drug like Deca-Durabolin. Many adapt this stacking protocol since it is found to be effective because these drugs induce anabolism through non-competing mechanisms. This theory proposes that using steroids belonging to the same class would be pointless, even counterproductive, since the two compounds would have to compete against one another. Thus, under this classification, Dianabol should not be stacked with Anadrol 50, a steroid which has basically the same properties (and similar activity) as Dianabol.

Dianabol converts to estrogen through aromatization and, as such, it is prudent to stack it with SERMS, or what are known as selective estrogen-receptor modulators. Arimidex and Nolvadex are among the most commonly used SERMS by individuals who want to avoid the possible occurrence of estrogen-related side effects like gynecomastia and hair loss.

Women are advised against Dianabol intake since it can cause androgenic reactions like hirsutism, deepening or voice, and development of other male characteristics. These side effects are irreversible.

Males can have great results with 25-50mg daily intake of Dianabol, preferably in divided doses (four to five doses spread out throughout the day). Dianabol is a 17 alpha-alkylated drug which means that it can put the liver under a great strain; thus, users are strongly advised against prolonged cycles and excessive doses. Cycle duration should not go beyond 8 weeks.

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