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** Warning: Anavar, Dianabol, Clenbuterol, Winstrol, Deca Durabolin, Trenbolone and Sustanon are very dangerous anabolic steroids and can be harmful to your health when abused **


Anavar is the brand name of chemical compound oxandrolone. This steroid was originally manufactured in the United States in 1964 by the G.D. Searle & Company, now part of Pfizer. The company has discontinued its production of this drug in 1989 due to poor commercial performance. During the 1980s, the reputation of steroids gained negative points because of their abuse by non-medical users and the appearance of nonhormonal medications. Consequently, prescriptions for drugs like Anavar have dropped. However, the company Bio-Technology General Corporation (BTG) has taken interest with this drug and has subsequently brought the rights of the drug from Searle. BTG has come up with a new brand name of Oxandrin, which was developed to treat muscle-wasting conditions associated with HIV and AIDS.

Anavar was designed to treat children suffering from growth disorders; a testament that this drug is one of the gentlest steroids around. Women who want to achieve their bodybuilding goal with the use of steroids can opt for Anavar with less possibility of experiencing virilization symptoms like excessive hair growth and deepening of voice.

This drug is a mild anabolic with low androgenic activity. It is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, and thus it does not undergo aromatization. This means that Anavar is a good choice for individuals who are extremely sensitive to estrogenic side effects.

DHT-derived compounds are known to be effective fat burners and Anavar is no exception. There have been several studies that support the claim that Anavar significantly reduces abdominal and visceral fat. Anavar promotes good muscle strength and mass gains. It is not, however, a great steroid for bulking purposes. It is a favorable choice during cutting phases when athletes want to shed subcutaneous water and fat retention.

Anavar is a c17 alpha-alkylated oral which makes it stressful to the liver, especially if taken for prolonged periods. However, if compared with other c17aa orals Anavar is better tolerated by the liver. The most common complaint with this drug is its high price. Bodybuilders usually end up using drugs like Primobolan, which yields basically the same result minus the financial strain.

For males, the effective dosage of Anavar is around 15-25mg per day. For a more defined physique, Anavar is stacked with Primobolan and Winstrol, which are known to be great anabolic agents. For a more ripped look, one uses it with other non-aromatizing compounds like Halotestin and trenbolone. This stack can further promote fat reduction.

For females, a 5mg of Anavar per day induces muscle growth. Because of its mildness, users of this drug may not find it necessary to use ancillary drugs. Anavar use shows minimal interference with endogenous testosterone production. Users, however, should bear in mind that higher dosages can increase the possibility of this drug causing significant inhibition of natural hormonal production.

Anavar is classified as Class I steroid, which means that it promotes muscle growth through the cellular androgen receptors. Class II steroids, such as Anadrol, promote anabolism via other mechanisms. Some experts endorse that to be able to have a more efficient bodybuilding protocol, a steroid user should stack a Class I steroid with a Class II steroid. Such stack protocol, they say, ascertains that the user is getting anabolic effects from not just only one route, i.e. androgen receptor-mediated muscle growth, but also through other possible mechanisms.

Anvar Steroid Cycles:

Anavar is probably the best cutting anabolic on the market, it's best stacked with other oral anabolics like Winstrol, Dianabol and Clenbuterol.  An optimal Anavar cycle is: 4 bottles of Anavar, 3 bottles of Winstrol, 2 bottles of Dianabol, and 2 bottles of Clenbuterol.

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